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By khosch | July 13, 2024

A word from the heart of God; Sovereign.  The word Sovereign means possessing supreme, absolute, or ultimate power. Dr. Norman Geisler said, “Sovereignty is God’s control over His creation, dealing with His governance over it: Sovereignty is God’s rule over all reality.” Is there anything other than God in your life that has absolute rule…

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By khosch | July 12, 2024

A word from the Heart of God; Absolute.  This is a really strong word filled with power and strength. When something is absolute it is complete, it is total, it is perfect and it is pure. It is vital to recognize the absolutes in your life and it is imperative that you guard and protect…

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By khosch | July 11, 2024

A word from the heart of God; Prosperity.  As a business owner and marketplace leader for over 30 years, God has put it on my heart to share what He has taught me about wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately, prosperity has been badly stereotyped. The word itself is viewed in an unhealthy way in Christian settings.…

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Raise the bar

By khosch | July 10, 2024

A word from the heart of God; Raise the bar.  I heard John Maxwell say, “We teach what we know but we reproduce who we are. Ultimately, you can’t expect those around you to get better until you get better yourself. The fastest way to do that is to raise the bar for yourself. You…

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You are perfect exactly as you are.

It is my prayer that you see what God sees when He looks at you.

These 90-second devotionals are designed to impart God’s heart directly to you.

Allow them to penetrate through the walls and seep into your core foundation.

As God reveals who you are in Him, you will see your beautiful reflection in its truest form.

As your divine SELF emerges, so will all the abundant blessings of God.


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