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By khosch | June 22, 2024

A word from the heart of God; Reflection.  When I first sensed this word, I thought about a picture I saw of a dog with a bone in his mouth. As he looked at his reflection in a lake, he saw the bone and tried to reach for it. As he reached for it in…

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Pull it Down

By khosch | June 21, 2024

A word from the heart of God; Pull it down.  Do you know that sensation when you pull something heavy down? Maybe something was on a top shelf or maybe you had to move furniture from a second level of a home. Pulling down requires effort, focus, and sometimes even precision. The Bible says in…

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Earn, Store, Multiply

By khosch | June 20, 2024

A word from the heart of God; Earn, Store, Multiply.  Powerful words today. These are the key factors when it comes to money. You have to earn it first, then store it wisely, then multiply it to produce more of it. I love these words because although they are profound in wealth creation they are…

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You Can’t Stay

By khosch | June 19, 2024

A word from the heart of God; You can’t stay.  Have you ever gone to a party and immediately sensed that you wouldn’t be staying very long? There was no one thing as to a reason why you felt uncomfortable, but rather a quick feeling of; This isn’t for me and I can’t stay. When…

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You are perfect exactly as you are.

It is my prayer that you see what God sees when He looks at you.

These 90-second devotionals are designed to impart God’s heart directly to you.

Allow them to penetrate through the walls and seep into your core foundation.

As God reveals who you are in Him, you will see your beautiful reflection in its truest form.

As your divine SELF emerges, so will all the abundant blessings of God.


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